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Rodent Control  

Rodents are human’s worst nightmare. They prefer human dwellings for easy food. They contaminate the food destroy clothes, wires and cables. Rodents cause deadly diseases such as Plague, Rat Bite fever. They reproduce leading to large number in short span of time.

Rats & mice are very dangerous rodent pests which enters home warehouses for food & harborage. These rodents eat any kind of food. That people eat. They also contaminate ten times as much food as they eat with urine, droppings and hair. They can carry different kinds of diseases to man including lubonic plague, rabies, rat bite fever, bacterial food poisoning also damage to his property by way of gnawing which may result in short circuit and fire hazards.

  • Identification of infestation level
  • Catch them alive or dead
  • Pre Baiting
  • Post Baiting
  • Burrow Fumigation
  • Rodent Sanitation
  • Trapping (Cage and Paste)
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